13 Best Flowers to Grow in A Cutting Garden for Beautiful Bouquets

13 Best Flowers to Grow in A Cutting Garden for Beautiful Bouquets: Imagine going to your garden this summer and picking armloads of fresh zinnias, sunflowers, and cosmos to make bouquets. Perhaps you prefer making flower arrangements for craft fairs and farmer’s markets. If you’re excited to grow your own cutting garden, you can grow lots of beautiful cut flowers in your backyard!

13 Best Flowers to Grow in A Cutting Garden for Beautiful Bouquets

1. Roses

Over 250 million roses are grown commercially for Valentine’s Day, and roses are also popular holiday flowers. However, roses can be grown in most home gardens, and growing your own gives you more flower colors, bloom sizes, and fragrance intensity.

2. Cosmos

Cosmos have wide, open faces and bright pink and white flowers. Cosmos’ fine, feathery foliage gives cut flower arrangements a light, airy look. Cosmos look great alone, but they look great with coneflowers and yarrow to make a stunning bouquet.

3. Dahlias

Dahlias are one of the most beautiful cut flowers and make stunning bouquets. Dahlias with double blooms, like pompom dahlias, make great centerpieces. Dahlia stems are sturdy and support flower heads in vases.

4. Sunflowers

As the summertime garden’s brightest stars, sunflowers are also great for bouquets. The seeds of sunflowers can be eaten, but many varieties have brightly colored flowers that are great for flower arrangements. Golden yellow flowers are most common, but some cultivars have dark maroon or pearly white petals!

5. Yarrow

One of the best-cut flowers to grow if you’re new to flower gardening is yarrow, which can thrive in many conditions. The broad, flat flower heads of pink, yellow, and white yarrow are famous. The plant’s feathery foliage gives flower arrangements a delicate yet alluring texture.

6. Celosia 

Celosia, another bright-colored annual, is a top-cut flower. The spiky tufted celosia and the curious, crested cockscomb celosia look like sea creatures! Warm pink, orange, red, and yellow hues characterize celosia flowers.

7. Sweet peas

Sweet peas, a spring and autumn favorite, are delicate but powerful in cut flower gardens. Sweet peas grow best in trellising or porch railings, but they can be grown in window boxes and containers. Sweet pea flowers have round, pink, red, blue, purple, and white petals.

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8. Gladiolus

Gladiolus, ones of the most dramatic flowers, give bouquets a tropical feel. Despite their glamorous appearance, gladiolus are easy to grow and don’t take up much space in garden beds, especially when grown in rows. Pink, purple, and green gladiolus flowers are a rainbow!

9. Black-eyed Susan

One of the best-cut flowers for beginners, black-eyed Susans grow anywhere. Black-eyed Susan can grow in sunny, exposed areas or afternoon shade. It is drought- and heat-tolerant. Without deadheading spent blooms, black-eyed Susan self-sows and spreads throughout your garden.

10. Tulips 

Tulips, another spring garden staple, are also popular in cutting gardens. Tulips, known for their bright colors, come in almost any color. Tulip varieties with frilly or double flowers look like peonies and look great in spring bouquets.

11. Asters

Asters, with their daisy-like flowers and bright colors, are common in autumn gardens. Some of the 170 aster species grow as wildflowers, so you may not need to sow them. However, ‘Matsumoto Apricot’ and ‘Hazaster Hagan’ asters grow well from seed and are so beautiful they may outshine dahlias in cut flower arrangements!

12. Irises

Reblooming irises bloom in fall, but most bloom in spring or summer. Your garden size determines whether you choose dwarf or full-sized iris varieties that grow up to 4′ tall. Ruffled iris flowers add texture and interest to their many colors.

13. Peonies

Peonies are beautiful and prized for their large, globe-shaped flowers, which are usually pink or white but can be other colors. Peonies work well with irises, roses, and other big blooms in cut flower arrangements, but they also look great with baby’s breath. When they bloom in late spring to early summer, peonies have a delicate floral scent that can lift spirits.

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